Bristol, 30th October

A tremendous charity delivery From Bristol with Love, our second delivery in October.
Over 160kgs of toys and children clothes go the Children Home Hunedoara in Transylvania, Romania.
This delivery was possible due to the generosity of the members of the Romanian Orthodox Church Bristol and our partner Nelu Muresan MaxiBus Travel.

Special thanks to Ileana Constantinescu and her amazing team for sorting and packaging.

Please support our project in aid of disadvantaged children and adults of Romania.


Bristol 19th October

A wonderful delivery from Bristol with Love charity for Radu Serban School in the village of Salatrucu Arges,

The 14 parcels/175 kg of toys, school supplies, clothes and footwear was made possible thanks to the generosity of the members of the Romanian Pentecostal Church Maranatha and our partner Nelu Muresan and MaxiBus Travel team.

Special thanks to Mrs. Maria Chelba, wife of Pastor David Chelba, who has sorted and packed all these gifts.

Thank you Mrs. Chelba for the constant support and involvement in activities of the Honorary Consulate Bristol whether charitable or cultural-an example of dedication and civic spirit for the Romanian community in Bristol.
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Salatrucu Village, Arges, Romania 1st October

Has Christmas arrived earlier in Romania this year?

No, the gifts sent From Bristol with Love by Lisa Galdies Family and Esther Pickup-Keller Family have reached the children of the Salatrucu Village in the Arges county of Romania.
Immense thanks for their kindness and generosity to our donors and to our partner MaxiBus Travel and to our Project Managers Cristian Tache (Salatrucu) and Ileana Constantinescu (Bristol) as well as to volunteers for packing, sorting, loading, distributing hundreds of kilograms of aid.
Due to everybody’s generous contributions, we were able to bring lots of smiles, toys, clothes and footwear to these children and their families irrespective of their ethnic background and/or religious beliefs.
Thank you to all who made these moments possible – please share and support From Bristol with Love project.


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