Bristol, 19th November 2017

Job done! Ten boxes (200kgs) of aid sent to disadvantaged children and adults in Romania thanks to:
- Julie Dennis and friends - donations
- Romanian Orthodox Church Bristol - donations
- Nelu Muresan and MaxiTravelTeam - transport
- Ileana Constantinescu and Maria Roman - sorting and packing


God Bless, Doame-ajuta, Salaam Alekhoum and Shalom Alehem to all.

Bristol, 25th Nov 2017

Another day - another donation From Bristol with Love. Christmas must be close then and we are determined to keep the good Nelu Muresan and his fleet of coaches, nice and busy ?

Also Ileana Constantinescu and Maria Roman who, as we speak, are also nice and busy sorting presents for disadvantaged children in Romania.

Please support our charity with donations of toys, warm clothes or money.


Bristol, 26th Nov 2017

Our second November delivery of gifts From Bristol with Love - all in time for Christmas.

These 15 boxes containing Christmas presents for 230 children at Radu Serban School in Salatrucu Village.

Thanks for generous donations to:

- Headteacher Carol Burns - St Peter & St Paul Primary School

- Father Ioan Moldovan - Romanian Orthodox Church Bristol

- Jo McKenzie - Beavers Club Redland

- Sarah Thomson - Redland Green School

- Esther Pickup Keller Family

Special thanks to Nelu Muresan for FREE and impeccable door-to-door delivery and to Ileana Constantinescu and Maria Roman for packing, sorting, and donations.

Please support our charity for one final delivery in December 2017.

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