Bristol, 15th October 2017

Excellent news folks!

A new charitable delivery (150 kgs) leaves today From Bristol with Love to disadvantaged children in Romania courtesy of our generous donors.

Many thanks to Ileana Constantinescu for sorting and packing and to Nelu Muresan and his wonderful MaxiBus Travel team for free door-to-door delivery.

Winter is approaching fast and we began collecting blankets, warm clothes, winter footwear and hats - please help us bring warmth and comfort to those who need it most. Many thanks.

Salatrucu Village, Romania 12th October 2017

Excellent news folks! 
Our gifts sent From Bristol with Love reached the beneficiaries at the Salatrucu Village School.
Many thanks to our donors, to our partner Nelu Muresan at MaxiBus Travel, to Ileana Constantinescu for packing and sorting and to Cristian Tache for distribution.

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