Salatrucu Village, Romania 26th December 2018

Wonderful news folks!

Christmas presents sent From Bristol with Love reached the children of Salatrucu Village in Romania.

Unfortunately, due to heavy snows, the village had no power for several days and schools were closed so no Christmas tree or lights could be organised but the children’s joy was great nonetheless.

Thank you to all our donors, to our partner Nelu Muresan for free delivery and to Ileana Constantinescu and her wonderful helpers for sorting it all. Special thanks to Cristian Tache for local hard work and distribution.

Merry Christmas to all.

Bristol, 9th December 2018

Four (patru) tones of aid - we did.

Thank you to Nelu Muresan and his amazing team at MaxiBus Travel.

Thank you to Ileana Constantinescu and Lisa Galdies and Julie Dennis and Maria Roman and Toni Roman Constantinescu and Nicu Nicushor and Cake my Day and Father Ioan and Pastor David and my darling Ileana and the dozens and dozens of our donors and volunteers.
And my darling Ileana!
And our GREAT donors!
And Andrei Dudau for being a rock!
And Costin Dumitrache for being -simply - his amasing self!

And our great sponsors!

Oh... and Mr Muresan and the MaxiBus Travel Team - Bless them and you all.

Time for Aberlour now...

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