Bristol, 17th September 2018

Wonderful, special, amazing experience dispatching From Bristol with Love about a tone of blankets, pillows, emergency equipment for night shelters and emergency agency SMURD in Romania.
Thanks to a wonderful lot of amazing people:
(In no particular order)
David Chelba
Nelu Muresan
Julie & Derek Dennis
Nicolae Goidea
Ileana Constantinescu
The Wonderful MaxiBus team
The Kind MaxiBus passengers who (upon hearing about this project) jumped in to help.

Bristol, 15th September 2018

Amazing experience among people who GENUINELY wanted to help – thank you all.

Wonderful experience today, working with an amazing group of people for a huge donation From Bristol with Love.
Our charity collected 550 blankets, 100 pillows plus dozens of pieces of emergency equipment.

Many thanks to Bristol City Council for this generous donation, to Nelu Muresan and MaxiBus Travel Ltd. for shipment to the Centre for Emergency Relief Romania and – once again – to all the special people who gave their Saturday to make this happen.

Bristol, 2nd September 2018

Our new charity delivery leaves From Bristol with Love!
Seventeen boxes (300kgs) of aid go to disadvantaged children and adults in Salatrucu Commune – Arges County – Romania.
Thanks to our donors and to Ileana ConstantinescuToni Roman Constantinescu and Maria Roman for sorting and packing. Many thanks to Cristian Tache for local distribution.
Special thanks to Nelu Muresan and his wonderful MaxiBus Travel company for free door-to-door delivery.

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