Bristol, 31st May 2020

An excellent new delivery of aid for disadvantaged communities in Romania.

This consignment goes From Bristol with Love to children in Salatrucu village in the county of Arges.

All these 23 boxes were donated by Lisa Galdies and her family and were shipped freely by Nelu Muresan and his wonderful MaxiBus company.

Huge thanks to the Galdies and Muresan families and to our volunteers for collection, sorting and packing,

Bristol, 24th May 2020

Excellent news folks! We resumed our deliveries of aid to disadvantaged communities in Romania.

Today, due to our donors’ generosity we were able to send From Bristol with Love, 21 boxes of aid to Salaj County, Transylvania.

Huge thanks to our partner Nelu Muresan and his amazing MaxiBus Travel Company for yet another free door to door delivery.

24 May 2020
24 May 2
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