Bristol, 25th April 2021

We celebrated Orthodox Palm Sunday with a super charitable delivery for a community in Suceava!
Thanks to Father Ioan and the parishioners for the donations,
Thanks to the Blejan family and friends for the donations,
Renewed thanks to our wonderful volunteers for delivery, sorting and packaging.
SPECIAL thanks to Mr. Nelu Muresan and the MaxiBus company for IMPRESSIVE and FREE door-to-door delivery in support of the community.
With such people WE MOVE THE MOUNTAINS!

Bristol, 11th April 2021

Good news!
Today, 17 packages of aid, clothes and shoes left for children and adults from Dolj County.
We thank the Blejan family and friends for their generous donations.
We thank the Parish Priest John and the parishioners of the Romanian Orthodox Church Bristol for generous donations.
Special thanks to Mr. Nelu Muresan and MaxiBus Travel for a new free door-to-door charitable delivery.
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