Paraschiva Day Centre – Retevoiesti

PARASCHIVA Center was founded in 2006 on the initiative of parents with children and youth with disabilities in the Valea Doamnei and surrounding villages. Day Center Paraschiv educational support for children / youth with disabilities in the region, an institution that helps integrate the school and community.

Our goal:
-Identify, assistance and protection of persons with disabilities;
Formation and development of abilities, skills and fundamental knowledge required to participate in community;
Formation and cognitive, psychomotor, affective and moral development of young people with disabilities;
-Integration their community and in school;
Our principle:
-All people are equal and should be integrated into society, they enjoy the same rights;

Our role:
-To promote a program based on respect for human rights, sustainable partnerships and community integration of persons with disabilities;

Services offered:
Recovery of-rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.);
-consiliere individual and group;

Other services:
-transport to and from the day center PARASCHIVA;
Manifestation individualizing teaching-learning knowledge and interactive methods;
Manifestation training, skills development and social skills of self-serving moral values ​​education, an appropriate behavior in society;
Manifestation recreational, entertaining, sports camps, excursions;

Other activities:
-social assistance;
-consiliere parent;
Manifestation extracurricular (painting, crafts, PC and occupational therapy)


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Delivery December 2014


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