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Romanians for Refugees  (#Romanians4Refugees) is a fundraising project of the From Bristol with Love  charity (UK Registered Charity 09182072) set up in response to the dramatic events taking place across Europe and the Middle East – an exodus of thousands and thousands of fellow human beings, children, elderly, men and women, leaving their countries and homes in search of peace, safety and dignity.

Whilst our charity’s main object is that of providing relief and comfort to those in need and at risk of social exclusion in Romania, we cannot stand by and watch as hundreds of thousands of people abandon everything they have and risk their children’s lives in search for a better life.

We Romanians, perhaps more than other peoples, understand full well how hard it is to leave homes, families and friends behind in search for a better life and how hard it is when one is met by prejudice, xenophobia and racism. We also know how much it means to be welcomed with friendliness, hospitality and respect.

Throughout ages, our adopted country Great Britain set an example and welcomed Huguenots, Jews, Greeks, Hungarian, Serbian, Romanians and so many others. Whether they were migrants or refugees, they were granted shelter and safety on these shores and together contributed to making Britain Great.

It is now our turn to grant compassion, hospitality and respect to people fleeing war and famine.  To do this, a group of Bristolian Romanians will fundraise by running the 2015 Bristol Half Marathon as Romanians for Refugees.

Please help us to bring a smile and a little comfort to a child or adult in need by donating as much as you can afford.

All donations received with the mention Romanians4Refugees will go to assisting refugees to integrate and contribute to our city.

Thank you all.

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You can see what we achieved in 2014 and 2015 with your help here

Thank you very much.

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